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I Learned About a Great Fitting Bra

 I received my first bra fitting nine years ago.  I was in graduate school and planning my wedding. I began to search online and in stores for foundation pieces that would support me and make me feel beautiful, sexy, wanted and loved on my wedding day.  
This proved to be more difficult than I had thought!  Seven years later I have been fitted multiple times by great women.  But I felt there was still something missing- convenience.  While I love to go and get fitted this means trekking to the city.  As a mother, wife and social worker making that trek as often as I would like is difficult.  
This is how Pinned Up came to be!  Pinned Up offers the most convenient way in the Los Angeles area to receive a bra fitting, and that is in the comfort of your home.  But lets face it at times you just want to shop online and therefore Pinned Up also offers a  convenient way to shop online.  While receiving a personal bra fitting is the best way to get that spectacularly fitting bra, sometimes we just don't have the time.  I know when I have great fitting undergarments on I feel as though I can conquer the world! Pinned Up seeks to provide great fitting, high quality pieces to help that feeling daily as you get up and get dressed!