Laundry Day

It was seven years ago that I learned for the first time that my bras should not be washed in the washing machine. I thought to myself, it will take too much time, this is never going to become a habit of mine.  But seven years later I now drive my husband crazy when I leave my bras in the bathroom sink for hours.  You see in the master bedroom we only have one sink.  As I write this, I am thinking that me leaving them in the sink for hours is a way to get back at him for leaving the bathroom counter a mess every single day (I mean you pick up your contact solution from the same spot everyday, yet put it back in a different random spot on the bathroom counter?)

 No Rinse Wash

    As I started on this adventure of opening Pinned Up I learned of Eucalan Delicate Wash, which makes bra washing day even easier!  I am in love with it as it has so many uses.  The wash being rinse fees allows me to just drain the sink and hang.

    I have begun to discover other uses for Eucalan.  Just last week I filled the sink and tossed in a teaspoon of the wash and all of my make-up brushes. They came out so clean and soft!  My husband uses it to clean his knee braces after Jiu Jitsu hangs it to dry and it is ready to use the next day.   The organic ingredients is definitely a plus, knowing that there are no harmful chemicals near my most sensitive areas.

    Would you like to try some?  I am currently adding samples to all new orders.


    • Amber Gossett

      Great info! These peices really last so much longer when washed “with care”! It is so worth the extra time!

    • Michelle Guzman

      Great post on handling dedicates. Taking the extra time really does add life to them. :) Also, love the clean design of your site. :)

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