Is Your Bra Causing Back and Neck Pain?



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I truly believe that one of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to start your day off with a great fitting foundation! As a plus size and full cup woman I know firsthand how difficult it is to find beautiful, sexy, and comfortable bra that fit!  I have never been able to go to a mall and return home with a great bra!   Getting a professional bra fitting is just not for the those that are full bust or plus size, it is for all women!

During a women’s life our bodies go through many changes such as going from being young and carefree, motherhood, weight loss, weight gain, hormonal changes, trauma, illness etc.  Our breasts change along with these different stages (density, shape, etc) so the bra size and style that was perfect during our twenties may not be the best fit after having children or any of a number of life experiences.  Each women’s breasts are different and therefore the style of bra that she is fitted for is just as important as size.  Similar to shopping for jeans, a particular brand, style and size may fit perfectly but the same size and style in another brand may leave you frustrated.    

What are the benefits of a bra that fits? 

A great fitting bra will be comfortable!  It will encapsulate all of your breast tissue within the cup without the wire poking or the breast falling out of the cup, the band will be snug sitting low and even across the back allowing it to provide the majority of lift and support with the straps staying in place instead of needing to be pulled up every 5 seconds.  The center of the bra, will lay flat against your chest saving you from having a uni-boob look. 

Many women I fit do not realize that the straps are only meant to provide 10 to 20 percent of the lift and support.  Instead, it is often believed that it is the straps that provide the majority of the support.  When the straps are constantly slipping we tend to tighten them more and more causing them to dig into your shoulders causing stress and strain.  This can lead to rolling your shoulders forward in attempt to decrease the discomfort you’re experiencing. 

An ill-fitting and unsupportive bra can lead to increased stress on the upper back and neck.

  • Bras that are ill-fitting and lack support when the band is too loose and rides up the back. This can lead to shoulders rolling forward.
  • A properly fitted bra distributes the weight and strain away from the neck decreasing pain and headaches
  • Women with fuller cups are more likely to suffer
    • Due to weight of the breast and the difficulty in finding bras that fit properly


When all the fit elements are in place, then you have a great foundation!  Once you’re dressed in your clothes you will notice they fit and look better because your foundation has been set up.  Think about how much time you put into creating and shopping for your outfits versus the time you put into shopping and ensuring a good fit for your foundation pieces! Start your day with a great foundation and everything else will follow. 


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