“My Boobs Have Found Their Dream Bra”


Lately, I’ve been thinking back to the reasons why I opened Pinned Up- and one reason keeps coming to my mind is that

Pinned Up is about helping women feel their best! 

I truly believe that one of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to start your day off with a great fitting foundation! As a plus size and full cup women I know firsthand how difficult it is to find beautiful, sexy, and comfortable bras that fit!  I have never been able to go to a mall and return home with a great bra! 

When looking at what pieces to add to Pinned Up’s selection I consider who is this piece designed for, feedback I have received from customers, and do I think Pinned Up customers will love this piece? Natori is not known for fuller bust bras, but they hit the spot with Pure Allure! Once you try the Pure Allure Bra it is likely to be your go to bra for most occasions: t-shirt bra, wearing a low-cut shirt, wearing a shirt that is thin, and with most sizes available in seasonal colors - a fashion piece. Pure Allure size range is great as it is targeted for fuller cups as well as plus size with a band range of 30-44 and a cup range from DD to H.  


Check out what Angelina had to say about Pure Allure and her Personal Fitting Session

Let me give you a short background on myself. I have gone up and down in weight for over 25 years, I've breastfed two children-my boobs are mom boobs. Flat as pancakes and pointing at the ground. Sexy, huh? I had Pinned Up come to my own home, and personally fit my mom and I with bras. Now, you may say that you can go into any store that sells bras and get a fitting- No. What you get is some sales associate that had a 2-minute training on how to measure boobs. Lisa is knowledgeable about bra fitting and her expertise shows in her service. My mom and I both found the best fitting bras we've ever owned. I have always felt like my bras just didn't fit quite right.


But after a fitting with Lisa my boobs have found their dream bra.